About NTDU

Welcome to the home of Number Theory Down Under (NTDU).

In 2015 NTDU was recognised as the Special Interest Group of Australian Mathematical Society. The main aim of NTDU is not only to promote number theory in Australia but also to bring together domestic and international number theorists to share ideas and to pursue collaborative work. This has been achieved through the annual NTDU meetings and other conferences and facilitation of collaborative research visits to Australia.  The general focus of the NTDU workshops (has been and will be) on open problems in number theory; any area of number theory is a fair game, as are the connections to other fields of mathematics.

This year the Number Theory Down Under meeting will be at La Trobe University (Bendigo Campus) from 29th September to 2nd October. If you would like to participate or to give a talk, send your expression of interest to the conference organiser, Mumtaz Hussain at m.hussain@latrobe.edu.au.


For more information about the upcoming conference visit the tab NTDU5.


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NTDU2016, Newcastle


NTDU2015, Newcastle

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NTDU2014, Newcastle


NTDU2017, Bendigo