Diophantine Approximation and Dynamical Systems

We will be hosting the workshop on “Diophantine Approximation and Dynamical Systems, 6–8 January 2018” at La Trobe University Bundoora Campus.

Workshop Program and Abstracts

Here are the conference Programme and Abstracts and module last minute changes.

All the talk will be held in the room PS1-221 and the coffee/tea will be served in the room PS2-211. The room is equipped with a projector and several whiteboards.


Please register for the conference at this link  Registration link.  If you would like to give a talk then send your expression of interest to the conference organisers, Mumtaz Hussain at m.hussain@latrobe.edu.au and/or Dzmitry Badziahin at Dzmitry.Badziahin@sydney.edu.au

The aim of this focused workshop is to explore the interconnected topics in Diophantine approximation, Dynamical Systems, and Ergodic Theory in a free-flowing manner. Talks of leading experts and dynamic emerging researchers will specifically focus on open problems which connect all of these areas of research. This conference will provide opportunities, for both established and emerging researchers, to discuss active hot research topics with experts of the fields with a view towards exploring various methods and techniques which could be possible candidates for their resolution

So far the confirmed speakers include

  • Dzmitry Badziahin (The University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Yitwah Cheung (San Francisco State University, USA)
  • Sam Chow (The University of York, UK)
  • Oleg German (Moscow State University, Russia)
  • Andy Hone (The University of Kent, UK)
  • Mumtaz Hussain (La Trobe University, Australia)
  • Oleg Karpenkov (The University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Simon Kristensen (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Bing Li (South China University of Technology, China)
  • Seon Hee Lim (Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Tanja Schindler (Australian National University, Australia)
  • Johannes Schleischitz (University of Ottawa, Canada)
  • David Simmons (The University of York, UK)
  • Michel Waldschmidt (Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI), France)
  • Baowei Wang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)

More details to follow soon…

Sponsorship and AMSI Travel Support:

The workshop is supported by La Trobe UniversityAustralian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and Australian Mathematical Society.  Since it is an AMSI supported event, all Australian participants can apply for financial support from AMSI; follow the link http://research.amsi.org.au/travel-funding/ for more information.

How to arrive at La Trobe University (Bundoora) from Melbourne airport

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The alternatives means are to:

Although, there is a cheaper way ($3.60 – Zone 2 concession) involving more transfers:


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